About Us

M Floor, also known as MYU Marketing Sdn. Bhd. was first established in Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan, in the year 1961 under its founder’s name, Jayantilal M Khandhar. It was founded with an intention to supply carpets and home furnishing products to its local community of Kuala Pilah town.

Fast forward to more than half a century and relocating to the heart of Kuala Lumpur, M Floor, has rooted itself as a company that specializes in Importing, Exporting and Distribution of Area Rugs, Broadloom Carpets, Sports Flooring, Carpet Tiles & Luxury Vinyl Tiles in Malaysia with over 200 dealers nationwide.

At M Floor, we offer a comprehensive range of selection, imported from various countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia and East Asia. With 50-plus years of combined experience in the flooring industry, we are in a very strong position to provide our clients with amazing products with knowledgeable insight into residential & commercial flooring and installation.

The key to M Floor’s continued success is its personnel’s strong professional commitment to educating its customers and making customer service our number-one priority. Educating our customers, coupled with our vast experience, gives our customers’ confidence in our capability to provide them with the best flooring options tailored for their specific needs. The journey our customers take from the sales floor through to the floor installation is so important.

We believe that anyone can produce a flooring product but it takes a great artist and a vast experience in craftsmanship to create a work of art.


A journey made with our customers, building a strong bond and knowledge to the artistry in creating a work of art. “Anyone can sell a flooring product, but it takes a great artist and vast experience in craftsmanship to create a work of art”.


We are committed to educating and creating a strong customer relationship through satisfying the specific needs of all our customers, to their satisfaction with high standard services and old-fashioned principles.